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  Server Service

Chimera Tool

Delivery Time Price
Chimera Tool Credits (Any Quantity) - Instant API 1-5 Miniutes USD0.12$
Chimera Tool Pro Activation Instant (Auto API) Miniutes USD124$
Chimera Tool Samsung Module Miniutes USD73.5$

Miracle Activation

Delivery Time Price
Miracle 1 Year Account Renewal Instant API Miniutes USD23.25$
Miracle eMMC Plus Tool Activation 1-2 Miniutes USD24.9$
Miracle FRP Tool Activation 1-6 Hours USD31$
Miracle Huawei Tool Activation 1-6 Hours USD31$
Miracle Samsung Unlock Credits - New User 1-5 Miniutes USD0.89$
Miracle Samsung Unlock Credits - Transfer Credits 1-5 Miniutes USD0.88$

Sigma Key

Delivery Time Price
Sigma Pack 1 Activation 0-1 Instant USD57.5$
Sigma Pack 2 Activation 1 Instant USD57.5$
Sigma Pack 3 Activation 1 Instant USD57.5$
Sigma Pack 4 Activation 1-5 Miniutes USD43$
SigmaKey Huawei Edition Upgrade to SigmaKey with Pack 1, 2, 3 0-1 Instant USD197$

Gsm Server Products

Delivery Time Price
Boot Loader Activation Code 0-1 Instant USD13.5$
Octoplus Box Samsung Activation 0-1 Instant USD59$
Octoplus FRP Tool Activation 0-1 Instant USD43$
Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation 1 Instant USD74$
Octoplus Samsung India to Global Upgrade 6-24 Hours USD53$
Octoplus Samsung Lite to Full Upgrade 0-1 Instant USD46$
Octopus Box LG Activation 1-6 Instant USD64$
ZXW Online Account Activation (1 Year) 1 Minutes USD55$

Z3x Box Team

Delivery Time Price
Z3x LG Tool Activation 1-2 Instant USD57$
Z3x Sam Tool Activation 1-12 Hours USD57$
Z3x Samsung Pro Update 1-12 Instant USD57$
Z3x Samsung Refil Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD1.25$
Z3X Unlock Credits ( 50 Credits Pack ) 1-2 Miniutes USD57$
Z3X Unlock Credits Pack ( 30 Credits ) 1-2 Miniutes USD35$

Uni Android Tool

Delivery Time Price
Uni Android Tool ( UAT ) 1 Year Activation 1-2 Hours USD41.5$
Uni Android Tool ( UAT ) 1 Year Renewel 1-2 Miniutes USD24$
Uni Android Tool ( UAT ) Credits to Existing Reseller Miniutes USD41.5$

Official Server Credits

Delivery Time Price
Asansam Box/Dongle Convertion to Hua Tools 1-6 Hours USD34$
Easy Box 1000 Credits Pack 1-2 Miniutes USD88$
Easy Box 200 Credits Pack 1-2 Miniutes USD35$
Furious Gold Credit - Instant 1-2 Miniutes USD1.1$
GCPro Box/Dongle Credits instant Miniutes USD1.35$
GSM Shield Box Xiaomi Server Credit 1-6 Hours USD8.5$
HalabTech Credits Any Quantity 5 Minutes USD0.95$
LGE Credits (Setool) 1 Pack = 100 Credits 1-10 Minutes USD33.25$
SonyErricison by cable (Reset 0 Counter Supported) 1-2 Miniutes USD20.5$
UFI Box / Dongle Credit Package - Instant 1-5 Instant USD0.99$

NCK/UMT Box Activations

Delivery Time Price
Nck Box Activation (Yearly) 1-6 Miniutes USD22$
Nck Dongle Activation (Yearly) 1-6 Miniutes USD22$
Ultimate NCK Huawei Activation ( Unlimited )NCK AVB UMT 1-2 Miniutes USD73$
UMT Dongle/Box 1 Year Activation - Instant Auto API 1-2 Instant USD22$
UMT Xiaomi 10 Credits Pack - Auto API 1-5 Miniutes USD8.25$

Official Activations

Delivery Time Price
EME Mobile Tool(EMT) Standard Edition License 1-24 Hours USD1.3$
Avator Pro Activation on Old Avator Dongle 1-3 Miniutes USD49$
DT Pro Tool - Software License 12-24 Hours USD53$
Easy-Draw Tool Activation 1-3 Miniutes USD48$
HDE Tools Time License (1 Year Access) 1 Instant USD63$
HDE Tools time license (2 Year Access) 1 Instant USD68$
HUA Dongle Reactivation 1-6 Hours USD35$
LG Tool Activation (For Setool) 1-6 Hours USD56$
LG Tool Wholesale Activation Transfer 15 Minutes USD55$
NsPro Yearly Activation 1-6 Hours USD23$
RIFF Box eMMC Support Activation 1-12 Hours USD32$
RIFF Box License Activation 1-12 Hours USD57.5$
ZXW Online Account Activation (1 Year) 1 Miniutes USD53$
zZKey SmartZ PRO Activation 1-8 Hours USD53$

Smart Clip2

Delivery Time Price
Pack 2 Activation for Smart-Clip2 1 Instant USD53$
Pack 3 Activation for Smart-Clip2 1 Instant USD53$
Pack 4 Activation for Smart-Clip2 1 Instant USD55$
Pack 5 Activation for Smart-Clip2 1 Instant USD53$
Smart-Clip2 Pack 6 Activation 1-5 Miniutes USD34$


Delivery Time Price
SAMTool - Create New Account | Instant 0 Miniutes USD0.6$
SAMTool - Transfer Credits to Existing Account 0 Miniutes USD0.6$

SamKey TMO Special Credits ( Instant )

Delivery Time Price
SamKey TMO Account - 10 Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD16.5$
SamKey TMO Account - 100 Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD123$
SamKey TMO Account - 1000 Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD1090$
SamKey TMO Account - 20 Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD30$
SamKey TMO Account - 200 Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD225$
SamKey TMO Account - 40 Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD54$
SamKey TMO Account - 500 Credits 1-2 Miniutes USD546$

SamKey Code Reader ( Samsung Unlock Accounts Credits )

Delivery Time Price
SamKey Code Reader - Create New User Instant API 0-1 Instant USD1.42$
SamKey Code Reader - Transfer credits to existing User Instant API 0-1 Instant USD1.49$


Delivery Time Price
KingTool Create New User (Auto API) 1-5 Miniutes USD0.95$
KingTools Activation Instant (Auto API) 1-5 Miniutes USD15$
KingTools credit to existing user Instant (Auto API) Miniutes USD0.95$


Delivery Time Price
Test API 1-2 Miniutes USD0$

HCU Time license

Delivery Time Price
HCU - 1 year unlimited activation 1-2 Miniutes USD48.5$
HCU - 2 years unlimited activation 1-2 Miniutes USD59.5$
HCU - 3 days unlimited activation 1-2 Miniutes USD13$
HCU - 30 days unlimited activation 1-2 Miniutes USD25$

Laelo Unlock tool

Delivery Time Price
Laelo Samsung Unlock tool (New User Service) Miniutes USD0.06$
Laelo Samsung Unlock tool (Refill Existing User) Miniutes USD0.06$

Octoplus/Octopus Box Server Credits

Delivery Time Price
Octopus Server Credits - Existing User 1-2 Miniutes USD0$
Octopus Server Credits - New User 1-2 Miniutes USD0$
Octopus Server Credits for Reseller - Existing User 1-2 Miniutes USD0$


Delivery Time Price
Click-Tool Credits 1-5 Miniutes USD0.8$
Click-Tool License Activation 1-5 Miniutes USD22$
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